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Video Game Technology

Video Game Technology, gaming laptop

Video Game Technology – Some of the technologies that make video games more fun because they provide a different experience than usual. Even some of these technologies can make you feel the sensation of being directly and involved in the game. As quoted from Top Tenz, here are 7 advanced technologies that make playing games more fun.

  • VR
    Virtual reality systems have been around since the 1980s, but at the time, the graphics weren’t good enough that they hadn’t caught much of the world’s attention. But in recent years virtual realty theology has returned to popularity, especially in the world of games, one of the most popular virtual Realty technology headsets is the Oculus Rift. This virtual reality headset has two OLED screens which are claimed to produce very clear graphics that provide a different experience. Apart from the Oculus Rift, there are now more and more virtual realty headsets that have been marketed by several manufacturers, even if the price is affordable depending on the band and the features that are embedded in it.

  • Photorealism
    Along with the times, the graphics in video games are getting more real and are expected to get better in the next few years. Even now the computer graphics giant, nVidia is developing a project to create a gadget called Photorealism, this technology will spoil the Games because thanks to this technology you will experience the experience of playing games with realistic graphics. So as if you feel you are present in the Games directly.

  • VirtuSphere
    VitruSphere is a gadget in the form of a 10-foot rotating ball similar to a giant hamster ball. The person in the ball can run and jump, and it is in that ball that you can play some games and move as you please. so, this gadget brings you to feel the sensation of playing games and feel everything that happens in the game world to the real world. Right now VirtuSphere is being used to train students in military academies, but if you want you can buy it for around $ 100,000, isn’t that amazing?

  • Augmented reality
    Among the various technologies that will make the game experience even more enjoyable that maybe everyone can experience is Augmented Realty. Only with a camera on a tablet or smartphone, you can already experience a more realistic game play that can convert 2D images or objects into 3D. A real example of augmented reality is Google Glasses which is filled with so many unique resistances, but unfortunately Google’s gagdet has to stop being produced for various reasons. Even so, now there are many gadgets that support this technology, besides smartphones there are also augmented reality helmets.

Video Game Technology is getting more advanced, making the gaming experience even more enjoyable. If in the 90s a video game only relied on 2D graphics, which was simple, now everything has changed and there are even some games that already support 4D technology.

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