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The World’s Most Advanced Submarine

Advanced Submarine

World’s Most Advanced Submarine – Countries with the largest military powers in the world, such as the United States, Russia, China or India have a number of submarine fleets. It is known that submarines are one of the most reliable marine combat fleets because they are difficult to detect by enemy radar. Interestingly, submarines can launch rockets from the sea to land or air. Here is a list of 4 baboon submarines with the most advanced capabilities and technology in the world

1. British Astute Class Submarines

Britain’s newest advanced submarine HMS Audasius. This ship operated in 2018 equipped with a nuclear reactor.

Because of this, this ship can dive in the sea for 25 years without surfacing. The ship is equipped with 6 663 mm torpedo tubes.

These tubes can be used to launch torpedoes, anti-ship missiles, and tomahawk cruise missiles.

This submarine is designed to be able to hide in one place for months, even years.

2. Russian Thypon Class Submarines

This is a nuclear-powered ballistic missile transport submarine. This ship has been used in military operations since the Soviet Union era in the 1980s.

The displacement of the submarine from the surface into the sea reaches 48 thousand tons. This ship is very large, so it can carry a large crew with various facilities for months of diving.

3. Russian Borei Class Submarines

This submarine has a mission to transport missiles produced and operated by the Russian Navy (AL). These ships are intended to replace the existing Delta 3, Delta 4 and Delta Thypon submarines in the Russian fleet.
This ship has a length of 170 meters with a width of 13 meters. It has a maximum speed of 56 km / h in the sea.

The price per unit of this submarine is USD 890 million or IDR 12.4 trillion.

4. United States Ohio Class Submarine

It’s a ballistic missile carrier nuclear submarine. Currently the United States (US) has 18 units of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines and 4 units of the Ohio-class SSGM missile submarines.

This submarine is the largest the US Navy has ever built. The Ohio submarine weighs 18,750 tons.

Although smaller than Russia’s Thypon or Borei class, it is capable of carrying more missiles. These submarines can carry 24 trident missiles per ship.

Whereas Borei can only carry 16 missiles and Thypon only 20 missiles. This submarine can dive to a depth of 250 meters. When diving can last up to 6 months.

those are the top 4 World’s Most Advanced Submarine.

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