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The price of the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 2 is predicted to be cheaper

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

The Galaxy Z-Flip is indeed quite attractive thanks to the folded screen design it carries. Unfortunately, these devices are priced quite high. However, the successor device, the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 2, is predicted to be sold at a lower price.

Reportedly from Gizchina, Thursday (26/11), the foldable smartphone may come with a price tag that is cheaper than its predecessor. As is well known, the first generation Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip slid at a price of IDR 21.8 million.


If these rumors are true, then the price of the second-generation Galaxy Z-Flip will be under the Rp.20 million range. Apart from that, this smartphone is expected to bring a number of improvements over the previous generation.

Rumor has it that the device has a 120Hz refresh rate panel. Thus, the 120Hz panel in the device will be a significant improvement in terms of display.

Apart from that, the secret statement also mentions the narrower bezels seen in the second generation of clamshell folding devices. It’s interesting to see the thinner bezels in the Galaxy Z-Flip family.

Unfortunately, so far information about the successor to the Galaxy Z-Flip is still very limited, including the specifications it will carry. Even so, the news is that the Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 2 will launch in March 2021.

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