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Spotify New Feature


Following in the footsteps of Instagram and Twitter, music streaming service Spotify recently introduced a Stories-style content feature. This feature allows Spotify users to watch moments shared by the creators.

But different from Instagram Stories and Fleets, the Stories feature on Spotify can only be made specifically by musicians and music label owners. Meanwhile, Spotify users can only watch shared Stories.

TmarTnRevealed Spotify New Feature


The existence of the Stories feature on Spotify was previously revealed by a gaming YouTuber TmarTn, via his upload on Twitter. He admitted that he first realized this feature when he was looking for Christmas-themed songs (Christmas).

While opening a playlist titled Christmas Hits, TmarTn found a new icon near the cover of the song playlist. When selected, the icon will display an interface similar to Instagram Stories.

Not only in Christmas playlists, Stories can also be found in several other playlists, for example in the song title Tear Drop and Good News, by Megan Thee Stallion.

Spotify Stories contains images and videos presented in a vertical format. There is a vertical line icon at the top, indicating the number of images or videos loaded on the Stories.

Spotify Stories Similar To Instagram

Spotify 1

Similar to Instagram Stories, users can tap the left or right side to view Stories-style content. Although it was only discovered recently, its presence has actually been known for a long time.

Precisely in August 2019, Jane Manchun Wong discovered the existence of Spotify Stories. Wong is known as a person who likes to explore features on social media to find new features.

Currently the Spotify Stories feature is still being tested and can only be accessed on a limited basis by a limited number of users.

“At Spotify, we regularly conduct a number of tests in order to improve the experience of our users. Some of these test results then become separate inputs for our services,” said Spotify.

The concept of the Stories feature itself was first introduced by Snapchat in 2013. His popularity then exploded worldwide after being plagiarized by Instagram in the form of Stories.

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