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Sony Xplod – Still Portable Enough

Sony Xplod car audio features a tunable equalizer for better sound quality. There are four equalizer channels to choose from. You can also find a subwoofer control that lets you easily adjust the strength of the bass. There are no side-effects and you can get rid of unwanted sounds by choosing a frequency that is appropriate for your surroundings. There are over 30 customizable settings to choose from so you can fine-tune your system.

Sony Xplod

With a vast entertainment system at your disposal, you can truly make your ride one that is “You.” There are features available that will make your drive more entertaining. These devices make using your car an experience more than just a drive in an unfamiliar place. Sony Xplod car audio can bring you the most enjoyable ride you have ever had.

I’ve used it bro, active sony Xplod XS 10 SA subwoofer the 10 inch one, before using the active 10 inch DLX Audio sub tube, the conclusion is that the bass sound is softer XPLOD, the power is also more powerful before, I thought the sub underneath could not lift the bass, it turns out, it is better than the abal2 sub tube that I previously used.

My suggestion is that if there are those who plan to use a sub-tube branded abal2, it’s better to use a sub under the branded Xplod level that is parallel to the active sub pioneer or jbl.

For even greater enjoyment, you can hook up a DVD audio player to your vehicle’s audio system. Not only does this feature to add a new dimension to your driving experience, it also makes for a great night out with your friends. You can play movies or listen to music without having to drive your car!

Built-in Bluetooth

Sony Xplod car audio comes with some amazing features, but there are plenty more to check out as well. There are many options available, so you don’t need to be concerned with not finding the right product. If you spend some time shopping around, you will find a great car audio system for a great price. It won’t be a good idea to settle for less.

Take a trip down the online route to see what you can find. Many consumers make the mistake of thinking they need to visit a store to buy car audio. However, that is not the case at all. There are plenty of online stores that offer top quality products at prices that won’t set your wallet on fire. So, take advantage of these helpful guides and find the perfect Sony Xplod car audio for your needs.

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