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Smartphone Technologies That Changes Lives

Smartphone Technologies

As a medical professional you may be looking for ways to improve your smartphone technologies use to help reduce costs and increase patient safety. As the healthcare community is embracing the convenience and increased access to information technology, this provides a tremendous opportunity to implement new technologies and programs that can save money and improve healthcare.

As we all become more dependent on our smartphones to make routine daily decisions, such as making a phone call or scheduling an appointment, we are putting ourselves at risk to make bad calls that could compromise our patients’ safety. As a trusted advisor in providing healthcare information you need to make sure the information you send through your smartphone is accurate, up-to-date and secure.

Here are a few of the most critical areas of your smartphone use that you should consider to ensure uninterrupted access to vital healthcare information. When people look into smartphone technology and evaluate how helpful it can be to their own healthcare practices they often overlook the importance of telemedicine.

Smartphone Technologies As A Healthcare Services

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a primary part of healthcare’s infrastructure as patients are now able to receive healthcare services wherever they are located, with few exceptions, no matter the time of day. As an extension of telemedicining services, smartphone technologies are becoming a key component of patient care as healthcare providers integrate these technologically advanced devices into patient medical record keeping and provide real-time access to specialized technologies during times when the hospital staff is not available to supervise a patient.

As a leader in smartphone technologies and one of the first players in the health industry to integrate electronic patient records (EPRS) with secure mobile devices, Apple Medical will be the first to implement theiovisual EMR integration with iMedix Mobile Platform.

This new system will allow healthcare providers to access patient information, maps, and reminders on device-side interactions. In addition to being able to securely store and manage EMR data, this new mobile platform will also integrate with the iMedix Privacy system. The combination of these two technologies will allow health care providers immediate access to vital medical information in order to make informed treatment choices and reduce medical costs.

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