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Review Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Review Bose QuiteComfort

Review Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – Bose Founded in 1964 and is very well known for its audio equipment. From bookshelf speakers, 2.1 speakers with small satellites and large subwoofers, are some of Bose’s iconic products for a long time. Currently, Bose also has iconic Bluetooth products such as the Soundlink Mini. Followed by the Soundlink revolver which is equipped with a battery and can be carried around, with a loud voice and can be carried anywhere.

Well, for headphones, Bose is famous for its ANC technology. ANC = Active Noise Cancellation, or in Bose it is known as Acoustic Noise Canceling ™. ANC works by listening to outside sounds using a mic, then emits a sound that is an inverted waveform from the surrounding noise. This eliminates or cancels outside noise. The goal is so that we can enjoy music or audio well, without being distracted by noise and without having to increase the volume too high, making it safer for the user’s ears.

Bose has been researching the ANC since the 80s for use in aircraft. Last year, Bose even released the Noise canceling Headphones 700 model, which not only delivered high sound quality, but also upgraded its appearance.

Then at the end of 2020, Bose launched their first TWS equipped with ANC. Yes, these Quiet Comfort Earbuds are Bose’s first TWS to use ANC. Check out the full review below.

Review Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The design offered by Bose QuietComfort Earbuds may not be as compact as most TWS earphones on the market. For the casing alone, this is quite large. It is even very large, making it less suitable for a pocket, so users may need to keep the case in the bag if they want to take it on a trip.

In this case there is an indicator light for the battery, and on the back there is a USB Type C port for charging. This charging case has a plastic material, but it’s still quite elegant.

To open this case we have to press the button on the front. This lock makes it safer, should it fall. On the inside, we can see 2 TWS installed a little distance apart and a button that functions to adjust the Bluetooth connection in the middle. This button is also useful for removing pairing with the device.

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Unfortunately, this is a must if we want to change the main device. During testing, TWS could not do multi device pairing.

Bose QuietComfort TWS could not do multi device pairing.

TWS is also equipped with IPX4 protection, which means there is protection against splashing water or sweat. This is of course suitable for those of you who want to exercise while using TWS.

TWS has a unique ear tip shape, tends to be large. However, these ear tips will not go completely into the ear hole like the ear tips on the common TWS. This ear tip only covers your ear canal, without going deep. The result is steady isolation.

These ear tips are equipped with rubber wings that help secure their position on our ears. Bose also provides 3 sizes, namely S, M and L.

TWS tends to be heavy, but there is no problem because they are firmly attached to the ear. If you are confused about how to use it, Bose has provided the tutorial in the installed app. In the sales package, there is a TWS unit in the charging case, a cable for charging, eartips, and a guidebook. – Review Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

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