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PS5 VR Controller – In Development


The most notable change in the new PS5 VR controller design is the presence of DualSense technology built into the system. This technology allows the PlayStation 5 to sense where your hands are in relation to the PlayStation camera in real time.

If you want to move your hands in the game, the DualSense will let you know by making your hands feel like a mouse or keyboard, allowing you to click and shift your hands at the right times. This revolutionary new controller design allows you to enjoy the fully natural interaction that you would have felt if you had used a traditional game controller.

PS5 VR controller

There are a few more new features on the DualSense design of the PS5VR. One feature is the presence of face tracking, which uses the PlayStation camera’s infrared technology to pinpoint your actual location in the room. With this new technology, you will no longer need to worry about accidentally bumping into something because your head is tracking your movements instead.

Another cool new feature is the presence of touch sensitive buttons, which allows users to easily move their hands and get the response they desire from the buttons. These two features work together to eliminate the majority of frustrating controller problems for gamers.

Finally, there are also three new PS5 VR controller that come standard with the PS5: Dual Analog A Trigger, Dual Analog Stick, and now the standard Dualshock 3. All three of these controllers are designed with the utmost precision in mind.

In the case of the Dual Analog A Trigger, you’ll find that it is light weight and comfortable to hold. The Dual Analog Stick has a button situated on the side which allows you to easily trigger up an action without having to move your entire body. Lastly, the Dualshock 3 has a trigger as well, but since it can sense your motions, you no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting a button accidentally when you are trying to play the game.

$399 EST

Even though the PS5 has one controller per player, you won’t be able to play with a standard controller if you have a PS5VR. Because of this, you will need to purchase one of the many accessory controllers available for this new device. Since there are so many on the market, it is important to read online reviews of the products and pick the one that has the best overall quality and features.

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