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Knowing The Type Of Joystick For PC

Joystick for pc

Type Of Joystick For PC. Many people choose to play PC games using a mouse and keyboard. This is not wrong considering that many shooting, puzzle, or strategy games are fun to play using a mouse and keyboard.

Even so, games for PC don’t just belong to that genre. Other genre games, such as fighting, racing, or flight simulators, can indeed be played using a mouse and keyboard. However, for a more optimal control system and playing experience, using a PC joystick is a smart solution.

Several Types Of  Joysticks

Depending on the game being played, the ideal joystick model may differ. We will discuss this in more detail in the points below. Of course, for a maximum gaming experience and ease of playing certain games, it’s a good idea to have a PC joystick.

The PC joystick is not only made in the gamepad model, there are three other models, you know! Each model has its own characteristics, you can choose the model you want the most according to your personal preferences.

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In Indonesia, there are many people who have played console games. Starting from Nintendo, SEGA, Xbox, to PlayStation, all of them are game consoles whose controllers are gamepad models. It’s true, each controller can have a variety of shapes. However, in general the model is the same as a gamepad.

The button layout is similar, from placing the directional buttons to the action buttons. This makes the gamepad-style PC joystick feel familiar to the majority of Indonesians. That way, mastering its use will feel easier.

Joystick Arcade

Very fun for fighting games. As the name implies, an arcade joystick has a shape like a controller in an old arcade or arcade game. Its main characteristic lies in the presence of a large joystick with a rounded tip like a thick ball. Next to the joystick are several large circular buttons.

Both the joystick and buttons are placed on a flat base. That way, you can place the arcade joystick on your table or on your lap while playing.

Flight Joystick

Feels like controlling a real plane! To experience how amazing air combat can be or control the plane as realistically as possible, flight joystick is not to be missed. The joystick is made as closely as possible to the center stick used in real planes.

The control system is made exactly the same, pull the joystick back to go up and push it forward to go down. Do not forget also the trigger of the shot that is placed on the end of the joystick, it feels like shooting the enemy from inside a real plane!

Steering Wheel Joystick

Pump adrenaline in a variety of racing games, If the flight joystick is here for airplane flying games, the steering wheel joystick is there to get you into the car cabin. Made with a shape like a car steering wheel, the atmosphere of car racing will be more noticeable.

When playing races using a gamepad, you can turn right by pressing the right direction button. It’s different when using the steering wheel joystick, you have to turn the steering wheel several times in order to make a perfect turn, it’s fun! (Type Of Joystick For The PC)

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