Anker Nebula Capsule Max is a new portable media player/applicator that redefines the compact digital world. At first glance, the two-screen, two-bean design seems to be very basic, nonetheless it packs a punch. It’s also an inexpensive device with a sleek, high-performance design. You can find three generations of the player and all are packed with great features. What sets it apart, though, is that it allows the user to use it with a typical headphone, stereo, or portable media player. Enabling you to get the most from your digital media experience, it enhances your music listening experience while letting you stay connected when you need it most.


Anker Nebula

The Anker Nebula Capsule Max is really a super-slim, sleek, and well-designed player/applicator that packs a powerful punch. With an astounding 720p, 400 ANSI lumen screens, Capsule Max delivers true high definition portable entertainment with its clear audio, bright graphics, and comprehensive speakers. Enjoy all of the great things about big, full-fledged screens right on your small TV. With your personal Chroma Tube Chromatography Engine, Chroma Pod System, and built-in speakers, it could bring you the best of your media on the go. Enjoy high definition video, audio, and multi-media presentations right from your Chroma Tube with a Philips Anker Nebulera capsule Max.

The Anker Nebulera Capsule Max is a versatile little player/applicator/player which come filled with the Chroma Tube Chromatography Engine, and two speakers. Therefore it could be used as a projector, as a mini-projector, as a mobile computer, as well as as a television. All the versatility possible in a single compact package. Plus, both speakers can be adjusted so they are ideal for use with nearly every television size and resolution. Speakers, just like the Anker Nebulera Capsule Max, are designed for easy operation and are housed in a handy metal casing to withstand drops and bumps.

And since it is so handy, you will want to let everyone enjoy a few of the other apps that the Anker Capsule Max has to offer? First off, there is the standard programming bundle which includes the remote control, volume control, video tutorial, and extra photos. This bundle also comes with an LCD display that shows the current TV channel information. Plus, there are other programs included, such as for example sports, news, children’s programs, music videos, Spanish programs, and others. For those who prefer to surf the Internet on the run, there is even a Wi-Fi internet bundle available that gives you usage of popular apps like Google Play, Pandora, and Skype.


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If you want more of a selection in terms of entertainment, there is also the application form that allows one to control how your favorite movies are viewed. Similar to the Capsule Max, the app works great on the silver screen and is ideal for relaxing and watching a movie. Rather than using the handy remote control, the on-screen buttons to go the cursor quickly along whatever is on the screen, enabling you to easily skip to specific scenes. Best of all, this amazing device works with just about any android operating system, and you will even take it with you when you travel, bringing your preferred videos with you.

So whether you want a way to watch Netflix and other apps from your home or while traveling, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max offers you everything that you will need. The remote control feature is included, along with easy access to many popular streaming media apps. With regards to viewing apps, there really isn’t other things like this product. When you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots, or simply want the convenience of having your person

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