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Get comfortable using the LCD monitor

LCD Monitor

Get comfortable using the LCD monitor. Laptop screen is too small, but want to enjoy games and movies on the big screen? Why don’t you switch to LCD monitors? If you connect it to a PC, game console, or other hardware, you can display a larger image. Buying an LCD monitor can also be cheaper than buying a TV of the same size.

There are various monitor sizes that you can choose according to your needs and the room in which you work. Some of them are even equipped with a function that prevents your eyes from getting tired quickly. That way, you can use it to work for a long time.

Work efficiency can also be improved by using an LCD monitor. Just by switching to a large screen monitor, you will be able to enjoy a more satisfying picture. Immediately get a suitable LCD monitor and enjoy a more exciting work and gaming experience!

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How to choose an LCD monitor

Now, we will explain how to choose an LCD monitor. Hopefully the following points have helped you to choose a suitable monitor!

Choose the size that suits your usage
First, consider the size of the LCD monitor. Type 21 indicates that the diagonal length of the screen is 21 inches. Choose a monitor with a size that suits your taste and usage.

Monitors 19 inches or less are very compact and space-saving. If you only need one sub-display to read, 19 inches or less is sufficient. The screen aspect ratio varies from square models with a 4: 3 ratio to long horizontal models.

However, this 19 inch size might feel small and unsatisfactory. We recommend that you determine the intended use and see the actual size directly to the store. Choose this size if it suits your needs.

The standard size for LCD monitors is 20 to 24 inches. The 20-inch monitor is still quite compact and doesn’t take up much space. However, for those of you who often work on a PC, choose a 24-inch monitor. This size allows you to get a wider screen view. Besides the screen is more pleasing to the eye, you will also get a large selection of products with various features on the market.

Monitors 27 inches to 30 inches are included in the large screen category. If you want to increase the work efficiency of your desk, choose a monitor that is about 27 inches in size.

A 30 inch monitor is the same size as a TV. This size monitor is perfect for watching movies, opening multiple windows, and so on. Meanwhile, a monitor that is larger than 30 inches will look too big. Therefore, use it at a certain distance. (Get comfortable using the LCD monitor)

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