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Gadgets that Apple Releases in 2020

Apple Releases

Apple, even though it is one of the big tech companies, is unlike other premium brands that target the market for many people. Apple has chosen to take a more unique and different approach. However, this year Apple released quite a number of products from various categories. But still, all are sold as luxury products that not everyone can own. All right, without the need to linger, here are every device that Apple releases in 2020.

1. iPhone SE (2020)

After various rumors, Apple finally inaugurated the latest version of the iPhone SE which they releases earlier this year. With a price tag of US $ 399, the iPhone SE is the most affordable iPhone Apple has released in recent years.

Of course, the price is comparable to what is offered. The iPhone SE doesn’t have an edge-to-edge screen and only comes with one camera. However, in terms of performance the iPhone SE is not much different from the latest iPhone because it is powered by the A13 Bionic which is also used in the iPhone 11 series.

2. iPad Pro

If the iPhone SE (2020) is positioned as a pocket-friendly product, the iPad Pro is more marketed as a premium device at a high price. Available in two sizes, 11 inches and 12.9 inches, with tags of US $ 799 and U $ 399 respectively, the 2020 edition of the iPad Pro is powered by the A12Z Bionic.

The design carried is still the same as last year but with two rear cameras and a LiDAR scanner. Apple also introduced a Magic Keyboard accessory which is sold separately at a price of US $ 349.

3. MacBook Air

The release of the two previous products can be said to have been anticipated, but not for the MacBook Air. The announcement of this device is quite surprising especially through the fact that Apple also made a number of changes.

This MacOS-based laptop which is powered by a processor from Intel has switched to a scissor-switch keyboard. Replacing the butterfly keyboard that was considered problematic on the previous generation MacBook Air. For the price, Apple has set the lowest series of this MacBook laptop line at a price of US $ 999.

4. MacBook Pro (13 inch)

Not only MacBook Air, Apple also updated the 13-inch screen variant MacBook Pro earlier this year. Just like the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro also uses the new Magic Keyboard.

The improvements brought by the MacBook Pro are mostly present on the specification side. Priced at US $ 1299, the MacBook Pro offers a 10th generation Intel processor, alongside support for Dolby Atmos and three upgraded microphones.

5. iMac (27 inch)

Apart from the rumors about the latest iMac with a fresher design. Apple actually released the iMac (27 inches) with a fairly minimal upgrade. This latest edition of the iMac gets a 10th generation Intel processor or Comet Lake and a 1080p resolution webcam. No updated design, except for a faster processor, more RAM, a larger SSD, a more agile AMD GPU and True Tone support on the screen.

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