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Development of IT in Government

Development of IT

Development of IT in Government Sector

These various administrative anomalies indicate that there is no seriousness in tidying up population data which is actually very important. The existing data turned out to be inaccurate, irrelevant, and not integrated by the relevant agencies. As a result, at the government level, almost no benefit at all can be obtained from the population data. At the same time the community has overlooked cynically that even the most basic residence documents (Family Card, National Identity Card, and Driver’s License) are considered as something whose use is nothing more than “just to guard against an infection”.

The above problems can be resolved through the development of governance, including population, based on electronics (electronic based government, e-government). Pragmatically, e-government can increase efficiency and at the same time reduce irregularities in the state administration. More fundamentally, from the point of view of democratic politics, through its three frameworks, consisting of e-government consultation and e-decision-making, the commitment and success of the government of a country in implementing e-government can be used as an indicator of the government’s willingness to share. information and knowledge with its citizens. -Development of IT.

In more depth, government departments in preparing the vision and mission of information technology policies will look more at the equity factor (making information technology to improve service quality for public use). Compared to the other four factors, namely democratization, transparency, accountability and globalization. To achieve the target of effective application of information technology, it is necessary to carry out computerization of government or e-government and human resources and education. The reason is because the application of information technology will be optimal if the knowledge of the users or users of technology services really understands the technology so that the target of applying information technology is achieved.

To achieve at the e-government level, the first steps which become short-term goals are:

1. It is necessary to prepare human resources and information technology.

2. Public information services.

3. Procurement of information technology

Development of IT in Government sector will be much easier if we had those mention above.

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