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Best Premium Flagship Phone in Indonesia

Best Premium

It’s incomplete if you don’t mention best premium flagship smartphones owned by well-known technology companies. Even though the price is exorbitant, they try to offer the best as well as the latest innovations. Generally, prices above Rp. 8 million have entered the best premium world.

As usual, those who are included in this smartphone list are those who officially enter the Indonesian market. That means good smartphones like OnePlus will not be included in this list even though their smartphones can actually be juxtaposed with the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The following is the list.

1. Vivo X50 Pro – IDR 9 million

Like the X50, the X50 Pro is targeting the mobile photography market. Vivo wants this smartphone user to be able to produce excellent images at a flagship price that is more affordable than others. Take this if your funds are under IDR 10 million.

2. Xiaomi Mi 10 – IDR 9.5 million

Think of it as the premium version of the Mi 10T. The screen has been changed to AMOLED and the camera is given the best of the best. You will definitely get the 5G network and the 4,780mAh battery which has 30W fast charging capability.

3. Realme X50 Pro – IDR 10 million

This smartphone is a smartphone that proves that the realm is ready to welcome the 5G signal. The X50 Pro has a very fast 65W fast charging and with a super AMOLED screen that has a refresh rate of 180Hz. The camera is also very sophisticated and is capable of taking dark photos well.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – IDR 11 million

You could say this is the cheapest version of the Galaxy S20 series. However, at a price of Rp. 11 million you have already had an extraordinary smartphone experience. If you are still not satisfied, then try trying out the S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra which are more than IDR 17 million.

5. Huawei P40 Pro – IDR 12.5 million

The P series is included as Huawei’s flagship series which has extraordinary camera quality. Until the end of this year, people rated the P40 Pro higher than the Mate40 Pro considering that the Mate40 Pro itself just came out in mid-December. If you want to find it safe for Huawei products, just take the P40 Pro instead of the Mate40 Pro which hasn’t really been tested by people.

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