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Best Gaming Monitor ASUS TUF

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor ASUS TUF – PC is a gaming platform that is arguably multifunctional. Not just playing games, but also doing other activities such as listening to songs, watching movies, or doing daily work.

In addition, the “best price” factor for maximum performance is a major consideration in building a gaming PC. The processor, graphics card, or RAM, is probably the most important consideration for gamers, but actually there is one component that is no less important, namely a monitor that can provide the best output when it uses a ferocious component.

In this article, we will review a gaming monitor that has attracted the attention of a well-known manufacturer, namely ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ. This ground-breaking monitor from ASUS is sure to have a very attractive price tag, but still has ferocious specs. Like his ability? Come see the article!

Simple design, but still looks elegant

In our opinion, the design of the TUF Gaming VG27AQ monitor looks elegant even though it seems simple. This was assisted by the size of the bazel which did not look thick, which presented a “modern day” monitor and a stand that had a slightly “gaming” impression with the words TUF Gaming. This monitor has a black color with an overall weight of only 5.8 kg.

The back is perhaps the most “gaming” part with a variety of TUF Gaming-style designs specially designed by ASUS. The form of the stand that is owned also looks solid. On the back side there are also buttons for adjusting various functions such as visuals, input, and GameVisual which the KotGa crew will explain on the next page. TUF Gaming VG27AQ only has a fairly standard output for a gaming monitor. On the back there is 2x HDMI 2.0 and 1x Display Port 1.2.

We personally really like the stand design that this monitor has. Besides looking solid and sturdy, the stand that it has can be adjusted at will. In easy language, this monitor can be rotated and tilted up to 180 degrees. In addition, this monitor can also be raised – lowered up to 13cm. Even though it has this interesting function, the monitor installation process is also fairly easy.

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Feature-rich, fierce specs!

TUF Gaming VG27AQ has specifications that can spoil gamers. Not only does it stick to ferocious specifications, but it will also be rich in features. In short, TUF Gaming VG27AQ has a resolution of 2560X1440 WQHD with IPS panel technology that produces better colors than VA and TN because it has 99% b sRGB color gamut. Its 1ms response time and ELMB SYNC are useful for reducing the “ghosting effect”.

In addition, the feature that stands out from TUF Gaming VG27AQ is that it has a refresh rate of up to 165Hz. An above average refresh rate for better competitive gaming. In addition, TUF Gaming VG27AQ is G-SYNC Compatible, meaning that this monitor meets NVIDIA’s G-SYNC standards to provide a better gaming experience because it can reduce stutter and minimize input lag. Oh yes, the G-SYNC feature can be activated simultaneously with ASUS’s ELMB SYNC.

TUF Gaming VG27AQ also has other latest features, namely the HDR feature, a feature to make the visuals in the game more “clear” and look more fantastic. HDR mode comes in various types such as HDR10, ASUS Cinema HDR, and also ASUS Gaming HDR, all of which can be used according to user needs.

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