Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard. This unique design is one of a kind. It uses Cherry MX based key switches with a fully programmable LED backl" />

For the ultimate typing experience, look no further than a Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard. This unique design is one of a kind. It uses Cherry MX based key switches with a fully programmable LED backlit programming LED and an extremely responsive touch-scrolling platform that offers you all the sensitivity and functionality you need for comfortable typing.


Womier K66

The Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard is very well equipped when it comes to features. While most other keyboards use standard white key-switches, the Womier uses a novel black-switch design that adds some cool lighting effects to your key-presses. Some of these lighting effects are so cool that they actually light up your entire keyboard. In fact, if you are looking for a very impressive keyboard that provides a high level of comfort, consider one that has the innovative LED Lighting Effects built in. These extra lighting effects are a great addition to any mechanical keyboard.


One of the unique design features of the Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard is the Nav cluster. This cluster of key-switches serves the same function as the old-time mechanical keyboards. They allow users to quickly find which key has been pressed using the numeric keypad. While traditional navigation keypads on computers have always had this feature; the new Womier cluster provides this feature in a completely new way. You can activate either the left or right function through the two rows of lights; making it very convenient and easy to find which key you are supposed to press.


The Womier K 1966 keyboard also comes with some pretty decent keycaps. While most keycaps today are just silicone molded plastic; the ones included with the keyboard are printed in black and white. The combination of the bright and dark colored key caps provide a dramatic contrast and enhance the feeling of typing while using the keyboard.


A unique feature that the Womier keyboard comes with is the fact that it comes with an LED light kit. This kit comes with three different LED lights with seven different levels of brightness. Depending on the level of LED light used; the Nav clusters will come in varying degrees of red, orange, blue, and green. The brightness of the LED lights is controlled by a switch on the computer board itself. The brightness of the LED lighting effects can be dimmed using the onboard switch; or through the use of the included wristwatch.


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While the Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard does have some unique features and functions, it doesn’t end there. For the price it costs, there are a lot of cheap keyboards that don’t have anything to offer. What the company does to make their keyboards stand out; is to add in a couple of extra programs to the software bundle. The program bundle includes a complete set of music mixing software programs; virtual keyboard, whiteboard programs, photo editing software, a free drum samples library, and a virtual bass line synthesizer. It’s not the most extensive collection of programs out there, but for a keyboard that are less expensive than other keyboards it’s definitely good enough.


One of the coolest things about the Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard is that the layout of the keys is different than most other keyboards. The regular keyboard has six major keys along with two function keys and one alternate key. The K66 has only six major keys, but when you look at the number of keys that are available on the normal keyboard it can really make a difference. =

Some of the cool features of the Womier K66 Mechanical Keyboard include a special function key called the red button that will switch your computer off when pressed, and a USB port that allows you to connect your keyboard to your laptop or other computer without the need for a USB cord. This is something that most other mechanical keyboards don’t have.¬† Other nice little features that I haven’t mentioned yet are the LED indicator light and the indicator light that comes on when you press the function key.

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