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What is Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies, Incorporated, based out of Plano, Texas, is today the biggest provider of computer software to the US private sector. It is also one of the three original suppliers of NSAU-approved Thin Film Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment for the federal government. In addition, the company provides military and public safety systems, enterprise data management solutions, and network-based data management systems. At its headquarters are two ISO certified computer engineering centers, one located in suburban Seattle, Washington, the other in suburban Dallas, Texas.

The company’s business model is built on a solid foundation of providing mission-critical IT products and services to both government and commercial clients, including financial and manufacturing firms, medical and technology companies, utilities, transportation, communications, and the hospitality and tourism industry. The scope of services offered is enormous. In addition to traditional software, it offers state-of-the-art technology and services to protect the nation’s networks. It can be used to track everything from hazardous waste to guns and drugs. In that sense, it’s far more than a hardware manufacturer.

Tyler Technologies Company Portfolio

The company’s portfolio includes software for firewalls, networks, transportation management, supply chain management, and healthcare information management. Each of these technologies has applications that have real-world relevance for the federal government and various organizations throughout the US. For example, firewalls are used by airlines, hotels, telecommunication companies, and law enforcement agencies. They are used to block employees from accessing inappropriate websites and to limit the access to physical locations within a building.

Networks allow information to travel in bulk. They can be used to share information and to control security within an organization. Transportation management facilitates the movement of people and materials within the nation. It also allows the sharing of data between vehicles and among different service providers. Rail transportation software controls the shipment of freight and other types of goods. It can be used to track and identify shipments, determine cost savings, and reduce logistics costs.

Healthcare information management is used to consolidate healthcare information from multiple sources and to integrate patient information from multiple facilities. It allows the flow of information to be made available in a concise and organized format. It is also used to allow easy access of information to authorized personnel and to reduce fraud and error.

A critical component of the business of Tyler Technologies is its biotechnology division. This division develops products that can enhance the health and the productivity of people. In particular, this technology is focused on developing products that will enable the restoration of stem cells. Stem cells are the cells found in bone marrow and other parts of the body that are used to replace and repair tissues and organs. Through this technology, medical experts are developing treatments for serious diseases and disorders.

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