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What is Maxar Technologies?

Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies Communications is a space communications business based in Westminster, Colorado, United States. The company is led by Thomas Delbos, who holds more than 45 years of experience in the aerospace and satellite communications industry. In this role, he has held senior roles with Raytheon, Boeing Commercial Airline Division, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Boeing Aerospace, Textron Inc., and Virgin America Airlines. He is currently responsible for the company’s global customer support, satellite programs, and customer service.

Delbos is also responsible for developing Maxar’s satellite product line, including the Maxarta communications system. This is an active member of the Satellite Industry Association International. Delbos was also instrumental in the formation of the Satellite Telecommunications Association, which represents the interests of the satellite and aerospace industry. Delbos is also the recipient of numerous awards, most notably two Emmy Awards, for his work as a producer and writer for various television productions, which have broadcast satellite technology and applications to the consumer marketplace. In addition, he has written several books on topics ranging from engineering to communications and from satellite technology to weather balloons.

Maxar Technologies Satellite Communications

Maxar is one of three companies in the satellite communications industry that are part of a larger company, Terra Bella, which also manufactures inflatable launch vehicles and inflatable autonomous operation and navigation satellites. All of these companies combine their focus on a number of areas that are vital to the success of their clients’ space ventures. Delbos and Terra Bella successfully merged in November 2005. Their shared goal is to “forge a new path in the satellite communications field by creating a unique and highly-customizable communications system using state-of-the-art and cost-efficient satellite technology.” The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction by developing and manufacturing the best satellite products and services possible.

The first area in which Maxar strives to improve is their customer/user experience. To this end, they have developed a number of technological innovations designed to make their clients’ communications systems more user friendly. They offer tele-presence customer service, which enables a client to connect directly with an authorized representative, via telephone or video. Additionally, they provide on-demand technical support and a rapid response time to emergency calls. By combining these efforts with their industry-leading customer support and repair service, they are able to meet their client’s needs in a manner that exceeds their competitors.

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