Geek GK64x keyboard reviews all point out the same things: this keyboard is a good keyboard basic gaming keyboard. It can have lots of the features that you'll want from the gaming keyboard. It has an LE" />
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The Geek GK64x keyboard reviews all point out the same things: this keyboard is a good keyboard basic gaming keyboard. It can have lots of the features that you’ll want from the gaming keyboard. It has an LED light that is located on the sides of the keys. It also has macro keys and lets you change the actions for the keys when pressed. They are just a few of the countless great features this keyboard has.


Geek GK64x

Most of the keys on Geek GK64x are fully functional. It does not have very many keys that do not function properly. Actually, most of the keys are very smooth and are very responsive to touch. The keys are also firm and fit the hands perfectly. Many people who’ve played other keyboards stated they are very comfortable utilizing the Geek Kong keyboard.

The keyboard doesn’t have too many extra features such as macro keys. However, it is possible to set up your personal macros with the provided software program. The included software makes setting up macros easy. These features make the Geek GK64xs an all around great keyboard for those who are looking for a solid gaming keyboard.

The included wrist rest is a thing that some people might not like. However, the included foam made wrist rests are very comfortable. When typing for long periods of time, you will appreciate how flexible this keyboard is. Many people said that they could type on the keyboard all night without feeling sore. The keyboard has a laser inset for extra focus while gaming. This can really come in handy when playing first person shooter video gaming.

Some other nice features are the on-off switch, which is a cool feature. The switches on the Geek DK sense nice when they are being used. Many people said they loved typing on the keys while playing video games. It helped to reduce a few of the stress that was placed on their hands and they did not get as fatigued as some other keyboards made them feel.


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This gaming keyboard has many extra keys that will can be found in handy for gamers. It includes complete key rollers for the left, right, and middle click keys. There are also links and home row that are located on the side of the keyboard. Lots of people complained that the included mouse did not work very well on this keyboard. Some users could actually utilize the mouse to scroll through the keys and to click, but the sensitivity of the mouse had not been something that was very responsive.

You can tell that a keyboard is made by a top manufacturer when they offer some great value making use of their product. Most of the time, you do not find out until you start using a product what it is made of and how durable it really is until you start spending money on it. The Geek Gold Rival could possibly be one of those products which are perfect for your allowance and for your gaming needs. It is created by a major company in fact it is durable, sleek, and attractive. This keyboard reviews consider the features and details that keyboard has that means it is so popular with so many different people. When you start shopping for a keyboard, you should make sure that you are taking advantage of the discounts that many companies offer when you purchase a computer part online.

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