If you have an interest in the future of entertainment, technology, health and wellness in
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Virtual Reality Breakthrough

Virtual Reality

If you have an interest in the future of entertainment, technology, health and wellness in virtual reality. In this article we will explore the latest advances in Virtual Reality (VR) Technology and their applications to both entertainment and business. Many believe VR to be a gimmick, the next big thing. This is not true.

Virtual reality is an exciting breakthrough in technology and it has the potential to change the way we live in many areas, not only gaming. The applications of VR are tremendous.

How many times have you been in a movie or at a television show where the subject was completely lost, you didn’t know where your body was, you had no idea what time you were supposed to be at, and you found yourself running around the set, confused?

About Virtual Reality Experiences

Those are all great VR experiences, but imagine being able to play sports, go hiking, fly kites, driving cars, and even get a tan. There are several applications in the medical field for Virtual Reality technologies. Imagine using near death experiences to help patients cope with terminal diseases.

So, why is there so much interest in this latest development? Some say that it is because of our new found “super powers”. Well, I beg to differ with that sentiment as VR technologies innovation are here to improve upon our present experiences.

When we think of VR we often think about video games and other computer mediated experiences. As a matter of fact, most of our thinking about what is virtual reality stems from our experience in modern day modern technology. We can travel to the future or go back in time.

One very interesting application that came about with Virtual Reality is medicine. It is very interesting how medicine is now being applied in a non-virtual manner. With the advent of smart phones, tablets and laptops any doctor around the world can access any piece of information that he or she needs to give to their patients. This allows the doctor to engage in VR by going into a patient’s physical environment to perform their duties.

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