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Ultra Low-End Segment Grows This Is Smartphone Brands to Dominate the Indonesian Market

Ultra Low-End Segment

Vivo still controls the smartphone market in Indonesia throughout the third quarter of this year. This brand dominates 24.1 percent of the Indonesian market, ahead of Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and Realme in the top 5 list.

As happened in the previous quarter, Vivo won in the low-end and ultra-low-end segments, with a price range of US $ 100 – US $ 200 (around Rp. 1.4-2.8 million). Vivo among others introduced the Y12i, Y20 and Y30i models in this segment. The X50 Pro and V20 series are also being aggressively promoted.

Research firm IDC, which created the rating, said the V20 series also received a favorable market reaction. After being introduced towards the end of Q3 2020. Its closest competitors in this segment are the Redmi 8A Pro, Redmi 9A, Redmi 9C and Redmi 9 series from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is ranked third in the Indonesian market leader in the same quarter with 18.1 percent control. This is up from the second quarter of 16.9 percent. In the third quarter, Xiaomi overtook Samsung, which swapped to fourth with market dominance slipping from 18.7 to 17.2 percent despite introducing the Galaxy A01 Core product line in the ultra low-end segment.

As for in second place, after Vivo, it has not changed either, namely Oppo. With a relatively unchanged market share from 21.2 percent last quarter to 21.7 percent in the third quarter. According to IDC, Oppo maintains its dominance in the midrange segment. With a price tag of 200-400 US dollars (around Rp. 2.8-5.6 million).

Realme which focuses on the C-series product line – the C11 model. Competes in the same space as the Xiaomi Redmi 8/9 series in the price range under Rp. 2.8 million – is in fifth place. IDC noted that the newly introduced Realme 7 midrange series did not get a better market response than its predecessor series.

Overall, IDC said smartphone companies were involved in intense competition in introducing various smartphone lines in the affordable price segment. As a result, annual growth of 20 percent in the ultra low-end segment or prices below US $ 100 (around Rp. 1.4 million), and achieving a market share of 16 percent after three consecutive quarters of decline.

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