The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Phanteks Enthoo Pro II
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Top 10 PC Gaming Cases : Phanteks Enthoo Pro II

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Phanteks Enthoo Pro II¬†was released six years ago; today’s models offer even more improvements over their predecessors. Let’s take a look at how the Pro II holds up against some of the more popular models currently on the market.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases of this month. Of course; just because the Enthoo Pro II offers a lot of improvements doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to other full-tower designs on the market. In fact; when it comes to aesthetics; the new Enthoo Pro II really does stand out. Yes; Phanteks is back with a new Enthoo Pro II; which is arguably much overdue since the original Enthoo Pro was on the market for nearly six years. However; the old model is quite outdated; with lots of cheap plastic side panels and lack of cooling fans. While the new Enthoo Pro II does have those; it also includes two very useful features: an array of redundant heat sink locations and a full-tower back plate.

Speaking of redundant heat sinks; this feature allows for double the cooling fans; and no more visible bottlenecks in your PC. In many cases; heat generated by computer components can cause some issues with your motherboard. While it can keep everything cool; the increased number of fans can make the motherboard hot for a prolonged period of time. This issue is particularly prevalent with systems with four or five CPU sockets. While many options on the market today include a motherboard cooler; few provide such a wide range of options; including both top; midrange; and bottom side of the motherboard.

While many people consider Enthoo’s original full tower chassis to be the most popular model; the new Enthoo Pro II offers much more. This is largely due to the fact that it incorporates two different cooling options; including two fans. Unlike the original model; however; the new Enthoo Pro II offers two front intakes at the front of the case; rather than just one. In addition; the front intakes include a water cooling module; which improves radiator efficiency and cooling. Along with the front intake are two fans located on either side of the motherboard tray; which offer good air flow and direct thermal control.


Phanteks Enthoo Pro II

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The main difference between the old Enthoo Pro and the new Enthoo Pro II is found in its front panel. Unlike the Pro; the new Enthoo utilizes a full-tower; two-sided cooling design with its front I/O block; located on the bottom side of the case. The front intake and fans on the sides of the case serve to cool the rear I/O block; while the rear intake serves to cool the area directly surrounding the graphics cards. A dust filter is also present on this side of the case; which is positioned inside the front I/O block. This design provides an improved airflow through the entire length of the motherboard tray.

Finally; we will take a look at the build quality of this new Enthoo II chassis. Like all Phanteks cases; this one is constructed out of aluminum alloy; with plastic side panels and main body. Despite its plastic construction; however; this chassis manages to combine good build quality and good design. Some of the most noticeable issues are the somewhat flimsy and short length of the stand in relation to the height of the motherboard; and the unusually long cable lengths. Overall; however; the build quality of the Enthoo Pro II is better than that of the original Enthoo; and if you are looking for a high quality tower that offers good water cooling abilities at an affordable price; this is the model you are looking for.

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