Gadget Review for Sterling SP150SMK.  Link to Sterling SP150SMK Microphone. The Sterling SP150SMK microphone bundle contains the Ster" />
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Sterling SP150SMK Microphone Review

Gadget Review for Sterling SP150SMK.  Link to Sterling SP150SMK Microphone.

The Sterling SP150SMK microphone bundle contains the Sterling SP150 Studio Condenser Mic and a multi-use shockmount kit. With Class-A FET electronics, this large-diaphragm mic is a versatile tool for recording music, vocals, and podcasts. Its sonic performance is excellent, offering silky highs and smooth mids as well as solid lows.


Sterling SP150SMK Microphone Review

The SP150SMK includes a lightweight, portable side-address large-diaphragm condenser microphone and a multi-use shockmount and hard-mount for added protection. The SP150 has a maximum SPL of 136 dB, making it suitable for recording vocals and instrument sounds. It features a cardioid polar pattern and a low-noise Class A FET capsule design.

The Sterling SP150SMK weighs one pound and has tasteful branding. A small, circular logo denotes the fixed cardioid pickup pattern, and the brand name is engraved into the side. The body of the mic is black, with a Carolina blue ring near the top. It comes with a standard XLR cable. The SP150SMK is designed to be versatile in a variety of settings.

The SP150SMK has a sturdy construction and a stylish design. Both models have a recessed XLR connection. The Sterling SP150SMK has a re-positionable HM4 hard-mount for precise positioning of the microphone. This option is a better choice for those who want to record instruments and podcasts. Both mics also come with a padded case, which is useful for storing and transporting the mic.


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The SP150SMK includes the SP150 large-diaphragm condenser microphone and a versatile shockmount kit. It features a cardioid pickup pattern and a Class-A FET capsule, and can handle 136 dB SPL. Its spider-band shockmount isolates subsonic vibrations, and allows for accurate mic placement. If you’re a singer, the SP150SMK is the mic for you.

The SP150SMK is a good microphone for recording podcasts. It is small, weighing only 1 lb. Its frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. Its equivalent input noise is 28dB SPL. It requires a +48V phantom power source. The Sterling SP150SMK is the best choice for live broadcasts. For interviews and other live events, the SP150SMK is the right choice.

Despite its small size, the SP150SMK is an ideal side-address microphone for podcasting. It measures 7.1 inches tall and is 1.9 inches across. Its sensitivity range is 5 mV/Pa. It has a 28-dB SPL equivalent input noise. The SP150SMK has a 48-volt phantom power supply. You can also use a DM4 spider-band shockmount if you’re in need of a shockmount.

The SP150SMK weighs 1.2 pounds, while the ST155 weighs 1.0 pounds. Its HM4 shock mount is more rugged than its predecessor. It comes with a padded case. The SM8 premium shock mount has a shock-absorbing mechanism that holds the microphone securely. It screws into a floating surface. If you’re in need of a shock-mount, the SP150SMK is a great choice.

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