As well as providing great picture quality; the Samsung Q80T QLED TV has other great features which make it a perfect choice for consumers who are looking for a big screen T" />
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Samsung Q80T QLED Review

As well as providing great picture quality; the Samsung Q80T QLED TV has other great features which make it a perfect choice for consumers who are looking for a big screen TV. Firstly; it has a full sized stand called the UTarium which is very sturdy and comfortable to use and comes with a VGA and DVI cable. It is very light weight so will feel very little pressure even from the weight of the TV itself. The other great feature of this TV is its wide range of connectivity options and is designed to provide a quick and easy setup for users who don’t like to mess around with different cables and connecters.


Samsung Q80T QLED Review

The innovative design and technology incorporated into the Samsung Q80T QLED television is an ideal tool for entertainment in the home. It’s designed to allow users to experience television like never before. It features a full array of features including an advanced picture-in-picture (PIP); wide-screen display; motion detection technology and S-motion technology which will determine where the television is set up when it is picked up by the remote. The result is that the Samsung Q80T television is one of the best televisions available today.

It’s built around a new generation of flat panels which offer a clearer picture with greater brightness and contrast; and with a host of advanced image processing features including edge detection; ambient light processing; color processing; and a host of new display engine features. In fact the Samsung Q80T offers a wider range of display configurations than ever before in a television which is designed to provide a truly great viewing experience. The Q80T can be tuned to deliver a bright and clear picture with a high level of contrast. It’s also designed to optimise battery use with the latest in LCD technology and power saving techniques.

Another great advantage of the Samsung Q80T is its high definition video processing capabilities which make it a perfect companion for consumers looking for a large screen television. This television offers a wide range of features which include: Samsung’s own Smart Panel – a built in video processing system which processes the video signals from any sources such as DVD; Blu-Ray; cable box or any digital video device and converts them to a standard TV format for easy access and playback. There are also Samsung’s own Video Intelligence feature which further increases this video processing abilities. Other features include: Time lapse option; Picture in picture (PIP); weather forecast; programme schedule; Parental controls; and the ability to lock the screen for picture in picture or night mode. The latter feature allows the user to lock the screen when they want to view a movie at night without switching on the normal lights.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

The Samsung Q80T QLED TV comes with built in speakers so you do not have to bother with external speakers which can easily get damaged if you decide to move your TV. It also features Samsung’s i-stream technology; which is an instant search feature that allows you to watch live TV on internet TV or on demand. This is fantastic for watching premium channels such as Sky TV and channels like BBC America; HBO; Showtime; Family TV and many more. When you start watching your favourite programmes on internet TV the picture quality is very good and it will look extremely similar to a real TV.

Samsung have really kept to a very high standard when it comes to the design and features of these televisions. They have used only the best materials and integrated them into a beautiful picture. If you want a bright; brilliant and crisp picture then the chances are you will love the plasma TVs from Samsung. The LED backlight technology means you get bright; vivid colours that can be adjusted very easily depending on what you want to watch. The colours are more lifelike than those from normal LCD televisions and are a real pleasure to behold. In fact; many people prefer them to traditional LCD TVs as they are able to view the screen at 100 frames per second (FPS) and therefore clear and crisp pictures become reality.

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