Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop - Razer announced the latest Razer Blade 15 and Razer Blade Pro 17 gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series G" />
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Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

Razer blade pro

Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop – Razer announced the latest Razer Blade 15 and Razer Blade Pro 17 gaming laptops powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU’s.

The new Razer Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17 gaming laptops form the fastest lineup of Razer gaming laptops with the latest configurations.

“The new range of Razer Blade is the best choice for gamers to play the next generation of games,” said Brad Wildes, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Razer’s Systems Business. “Our new line uses the latest graphics technology, which provides the most impressive experience for gamers. With the fastest screen on the market and our slimmest chassis, gamers can enjoy incredibly smooth gameplay anywhere and anytime. “

Razer Blade 15 & Blade Pro 17 Design & Specifications

The Razer Blade Pro 17 remains one of the thinnest 17-inch gaming laptops on the market; measuring just 19.9mm x 260mm x 395mm, making it the perfect mobile desktop replacement.

The simple and compactness of both laptops allow users to break free from their workspace and take their games with them.

The new Razer Blades makes the most of its small form factor; packing every inch with something to make things easier for every user.

The sides are lined with various inputs ranging from USB Type C to HDMI 2.1 as well as an UHS-III SD card reader; making it possible for users to connect to anything, without the need to look for a dongle.

The keyboard on this laptop is powered by; Razer Chroma RGB which can be adjusted for productivity or gaming with the front-facing speaker on the side to keep your work and games fun and interesting.

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Razer Blade Pro other Features

Additionally, Razer Blade users will get immersive audio for a 360-degree soundscape when listening to movies, music or games with; THX® Spatial Audio through analog headphones or speakers.

Full HD screens with high refresh rates are perfect for hardcore gamers; who often play high frame rates for competitive gaming.

This Ultra HD display is the best way for content creators who need the power of a gaming laptop but with the visual fidelity of a studio workstation.

GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs deliver immersive gaming experiences to Cyberpunk 2077; and other top games and allow content creators to produce incredible content using hundreds of GPU-accelerated applications.

Internally, this laptop has extensive storage and memory options; each with a capacity of up to 1TB and 32GB of memory; to keep up with the latest games that demand large capacities and content creator applications. The latest Razer Blade comes with prices starting at $ 1,699 or around Rp. 23 million. Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

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