ONEX FX-8 Gaming chair - This time the team has the arrival of a premium gaming chair from ONEX, namely ONEX-FX8. Yes, the word "gaming chair" may sound gimmicky" />
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ONEX FX8 Gaming chair

Review ONEX FX-8 Gaming Chair

ONEX FX-8 Gaming chair – This time the team has the arrival of a premium gaming chair from ONEX, namely ONEX-FX8. Yes, the word “gaming chair” may sound gimmicky, because basically a chair can be used for any activity.

Looking for a chair that has high comfort when on the move for a long time at the computer, then the keyword that is easiest to use is “Gaming Chair”. Even though in its own use, of course it is not only for gaming needs, even all activities at the computer will be very comfortable using the ONEX SF-8 Premium type of chair.


ONEX FX8 Gaming chair

Gaming chairs have a very wide selection, with an eccentric design and also a very comfortable ergonomics factor.

For the ONEX-FX8, which we will review, the specifications are using metal frame material. This gaming chair has a fully closed high back type.

The material used is synthetic leather which is anti-stain. The same material as the car racer seat. The inside material uses high density foam and layers of memory foam. This makes it sturdy, but also soft.

The backrest of the seat can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. The arm rest has 4 different positions, which are located on the side.

Even though it is ergonomic, there is still additional support for the neck and lumbar (lower back). The goal is that users can sit with good posture and correct.


Meanwhile, the base of this chair is made of a solid solid aluminum base. Of course, this is not using thick plastic material like economy class seats.

As for the available color choices, namely Black, Black / White, Black / White / Red. Then for the maximum user weight that can be supported is 150kg (180kg max.)

The type of foam used is Module injected high density foam, with a “Multiblock mechanism” mechanism. There is also a swing mechanism on this chair, complete with a lock that is available at the bottom.

There is also an altitude setting, Class 4 with a maximum height of 100mm. Then on the legs using 350mm Aluminum base material and 65mm Nylon Caster wheels.

The overall dimensions (WxDxH) are 66cm x 80cm x 120–130cm, while the dimensions of the backrest (WxH) are: 57cm x 80cm. Then for the dimensions of the seat mat (WxD): 49cm x 48cm. The total weight of this chair reaches 25.5kg. Review ONEX FX-8 Gaming chair. Review ONEX FX-8 Gaming chair.

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