Gadget Review for Movo UM700. Official Movo UM700 Microphone. The MOVO UM700 microphone has a " />
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Movo UM700 Microphone Review

Gadget Review for Movo UM700. Official Movo UM700 Microphone.

The MOVO UM700 microphone has a large, cylindrical design that works well for recording music or interviews. Its four different polar patterns provide a wide range of sounds for many different types of audio projects. The UM700 features a metal body and base and an adjustable grill on top. It also comes with a retractable stand for easy mounting. The UM700 is very sturdy and feels good in the hand.


Movo UM700 Microphone

The Movo UM700 has a wide range of features. Its 16-bit sound resolution is sufficient for a variety of recording applications, and it captures high-fidelity audio at 48kHz/16-bit. The UM700 is equipped with four polar patterns, including cardioid polar patterns. Its unique triple capsule array allows you to record multiple sources simultaneously with a single microphone. In addition, the UM700 features a standard screw socket on the bottom for adjusting gain levels.

The Movo UM700 USB Desktop Studio Microphone is a USB-powered mic that stands about a foot tall on a desk mount. It weighs just over 2 pounds, and its metal body is durable and dependable. Its four polar patterns allow for easy adjustment of the level of voice input from the distance of the microphone. In addition, the UM700 has a gain control dial that lets you monitor the level of your voice as you record.

The Movo UM700 USB microphone has an excellent sound quality, even with the highest sensitivity settings. It offers a 48kHz/16-bit resolution, a robust frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz, and an integrated clip for mounting. Users will find the design very user-friendly, and the hardware is quite versatile. But it is not suitable for recording instruments. It does not have a mute button, and it cannot cancel background noise.


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The Movo UM700 is an excellent budget USB microphone for podcasting and streaming. The UM700 has four polar patterns that can be used for different audio types. The omnidirectional polar pattern is the most popular, and it has the same frequency response as a stereo microphone. However, a cardioid polar pattern is better for recording a single sound source. But you can also switch between different polar patterns to get the best sound from your recordings.

The Movo UM700 USB microphone comes with a desk stand attached. The capsule is positioned on the top of the cylindrical unit, and other components are located beneath. The UM700 also features a volume and control dial. You can adjust the polar pattern depending on the type of audio you want to record. Despite its low price, this USB microphone can capture high-quality audio at 48kHz/16 Bit.

Although the Movo UM700 is a budget microphone, it sounds good and is worth the money. It has a triple mic capsule array that allows you to record multiple sounds with a single device. The UM700 is also compatible with Mac and Windows computers. It’s an excellent choice for live streaming, podcasting, and gaming. The USB cable is long enough for a long time and offers an easy setup.

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