The Microsoft Surface Mouse aims to make your professional working experience comfortable and easy at the same time. It is a device that can make your life much easier; while at the same time " />
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Microsoft Surface Mouse Review

The Microsoft Surface Mouse aims to make your professional working experience comfortable and easy at the same time. It is a device that can make your life much easier; while at the same time providing you with enhanced performance. The ergonomic design of this device ensures a perfect fit for your palm; ensuring smooth control of your mouse throughout the whole activity. It was specifically designed for an elegant and meticulously simple working environment and is crafted to fit perfectly into your wrist. The smooth metal wheel feels substantial in your hand; and the sturdy shape of its body comfortably fits into your palm.


Microsoft Surface Mouse

It comes with Microsoft’s Wifi connectivity; which offers an excellent wireless connection to your computer; allowing you to instantly access the web wherever you are. It works well when you connect to a laptop or desktop. You can synchronize your browsing; your email and other important tasks through your mouse. It is also capable of switching between multiple profiles. It supports Bluetooth 4.0; which is capable of giving faster Internet connections.

Microsoft Surface Mouse has a high-performance wireless adapter; which allows it to be compatible with a large number of computers without the hassle of wires. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computer; so you do not need to install any drivers or software. Using this amazing mouse; you can scroll through the web pages; view images; navigate and select text; or highlight and mark important passages. Microsoft Surface Mouse also has an optical mouse; which has faster and smoother scrolling speeds compared to its infrared counterpart.

There is a bundled software application called Surface Mouse Attendant; which is a software bundle which provides three main functions: Gesture control; Bluetooth connectivity and battery life extending capabilities. Gesture control enables you to capture virtual shapes using the front touch pad and then use them as buttons on your virtual keyboard. This is accomplished by simply pressing the virtual shape’s trigger. Bluetooth connectivity lets you use this mouse without the need for a USB cable; which means that you can take this laptop with you anywhere you go; even if you have no access to a USB port. Battery life extending capabilities let you use this laptop for hours without worry about low battery level; because it has an adjustable battery life indicator.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

An amazing technology developed by Microsoft called the magnetic transmitter; this mouse also contains a built-in bar code scanner. With the Bluetooth technology; you can input the data into a program and read the result from Microsoft Surface Mouse; including the URL and other codes entered. Microsoft Surface Mouse has a high-performance wireless range of up to fifty feet wireless range.

For enhanced accuracy and reliability; the company uses two AA alkaline batteries in each of its eight mouse buttons. This enables rapid action response. One button can be easily accessed by the slightest of pushes while the other button responds instantly when you press it. The software bundled with Microsoft Surface Mouse also supports data capturing through infrared and is compatible with most Windows computers. Using this wireless mouse with its impressive frequency range lets you browse the internet; play computer games; edit and upload images; or simply work on your documents comfortably at your desk top.

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