the Logitech Pebble smart watch. I've been using it for a few days now; and I'll be writing a Logitech Pebble Review later on in the week. Right now I'll just take a brief look at what this" />
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Logitech Pebble Review

This is a review on the Logitech Pebble smart watch. I’ve been using it for a few days now; and I’ll be writing a Logitech Pebble Review later on in the week. Right now I’ll just take a brief look at what this watch has to offer. I’ll also compare it to other similar watches on the market today.


Logitech Pebble

The first thing that people might like about the Logitech Pebble Review I did was that I was able to throw my old watches out. This watch does not work with any other watches I own so far. When I bought it; I thought that it would work with my existing watches; but it didn’t. To me this is a huge drawback as those that like to use their current watches with this product will have to shell out for a new one or buy a whole new sports watch. But the good news is that it can work with most watches that you own.

I’m a big fan of Moen and Cologne so I was excited when I saw the watch here with the Moen logo on the face. I love Moen colognes and this one comes from their in-house perfume line. It has a very nice citrus smell with very few notes. When it first applied to my wrist I noticed that it had a very nice scent; almost eucalyptus like. But upon further testing it proved to be very complex.

When I read the Logitech Pebble Review I was impressed with its GPS features. My first impression of the GPS feature was that it would only work in certain areas that I travel; but the watch does have an awful long battery life. It took a little over two weeks to charge to full and then it was still giving accurate readings. Most of the other GPS watches that I have worn over the years have given me trouble with battery life so this was really quite surprising. The GPS on this watch proved itself to be accurate and kept me from getting lost in the mountains.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design; and it comes with an internet connection.

The other thing that really caught my attention was that this watch had so many customizable features. It comes in all kinds of different sizes and colors and can be completely customized. There are tons of different sports and fitness workouts that you can do with this watch. Many of the activities that I could do while wearing this watch were ones that I never even realized I could do before. But even if this watch doesn’t help you do your actual sport activities this is still a great watch for a variety of reasons.

While most watches on the market are just very basic with no real great features or functions; the Logitech Pebble Review shows that they have upped the ante on both feature and overall value. This watch will last for a very long time and has a very long battery life. When it does run out of power; you don’t have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere because your watch is still going to be functional. If you need a basic watch to keep track of time and have a functional style then this is probably going to be perfect for you but if you want a truly unique and high quality sports watch that you can be proud of then there is no other model like it.


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