Logitech G560 review - what's all the buzz about? Logitech has spent a lot of time and money designing and fine-tuning their latest mobile headset. If you want to know why i" />
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Logitech G560 Review

Logitech G560 review – what’s all the buzz about? Logitech has spent a lot of time and money designing and fine-tuning their latest mobile headset. If you want to know why it’s so different; then read on! In this review; we’ll go over a few highlights of the Logitech G560; as well as some information on what the product is capable of and why it’s so popular.


Logitech G560

Looks and sound: This is one area where the Logitech G560 really shines. When we took a close look at the G560; we were quite impressed by just how pleasing it looked. The fact that it’s able to pack a powerful speaker into such a small package speaks volumes for its design and functionality. On paper; sound specs seem fairly solid. The total output wattage for the three satellites combined is 240Wpeak power and 120W RMS; which are surprisingly good for a headset of this size.

Speaking of powering up these speakers; they’re pretty easy to get going. Just like any other mobile headset; you simply power them up with the mains; switch the AOD preload off and then switch on the zone controls. That’s about it. In our Logitech G560 review; however; we found that there are a couple of other features worth looking into.

Zone mixing & sound blasting: One of the greatest things about the Logitech G560 is that you can assign individual buttons to each of the three zones – surround sound; music; and call focus. By combining these zones with the built-in zone mixer; the G559 gives you great flexibility in creating specific sound experiences for any situation. You can easily adjust the bass; mid-range; and high frequencies; as well as the speaker-switch level for a full range of dynamic sound effects. The zone mixer also allows you to change the default sound profile for your speakers; by doing so; you can create specific sound effects or music that work better with specific game or racing activities. The G Vaughn also has a built-in video display that lets you view your score or race times in a full-fledged cinematic style and can be used with many different operating systems; including XP; MAC; and WIN XP.



Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

Color Cycle Displays: If you’ve used a color wheel in a car before; you’ll know what we’re talking about when we say that the Logitech G560 features a color cycle mode. This mode is incredibly useful; allowing you to simply use a permanent palette and easily switch between modes with a single touch. For example; you can easily select a favorite mode; such as racing; and quickly cycle through all the modes available without having to move your eyes from one icon to the next. It’s much easier to do than the previous mode selection which required you to move your cursor around the display. This makes the Logitech G560 a very convenient device for gamers.

Zoneal Lighting: For gaming enthusiasts who want to add a bit more visual effect to their gaming experience; the Logitech G560 gaming speakers have two different zones; one for each of the three sound profiles. These zones are illuminated by a bright LED; providing a subtle and rich light to make gaming a more realistic experience. While it is only utilized in the surround sound zone; the LED lighting is certainly impressive. Some people may find the LED a little too bright; however; so you should keep this in mind when turning it on and off. Also; some people will appreciate the extra light the speakers provide; because it makes the speakers feel like they are pumping up the sound a little more.

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