In 2021; LG CX OLED TVs will again be the most affordable premium flat screen te" />
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In 2021; LG CX OLED TVs will again be the most affordable premium flat screen television to hit the market. The high cost of flat screens forced manufacturers to build larger screens; more features; and more capabilities into their TVs. But consumers weren’t buying those features; they were buying the flat screen aspect of the TV – the high-definition programming and wide screen viewing. Flat out; consumers did not want to pay more for an LCD screen; even though it had a bigger-screen image. When the first LG CX OLED showed up in stores; people were astonished at the difference in quality; as well as at the price – it was an off-the-charts deal.



Since the LG CX OLED came out; prices have fallen; manufacturers have added more features; like wireless internet; DVRs; and all the other things we’re sure to care about when we buy a television. But consumers have not been quick to throw out their old televisions and purchase LG; despite the higher price point. The CX OLED still trounced its competitors with its superior picture quality; its fast connection speeds; and its user friendly interface.

When it comes to choosing between flat screen and smart tv; consumers are faced with a difficult decision. On one side are the high end plasma televisions; like the CX. On the other side are LG’s new and improved smart TVs; including the CXO and CXplosive. Both of these sets are equipped with state of the art processors; and offer consumers more advanced functionality. For example; not only does the CXO have a built-in software player; but it also has a “web browser” for Internet browsing and video playback; and can act as a mini-computer by running apps and connecting to the Internet.

While the plasma and the smart TV sets both offer some pretty impressive features; they are quite different from one another. In the case of the plasma; you get a lot of built-in functions; including Blu-ray players; Wi-Fi access; USB storage devices; Play-TV; and a variety of other streaming services. In the case of the LG CX OLED; you have a touch screen that looks similar to that of an iPhone; although it is much easier to use on a large HD screen. This makes the LG CX OLED a good choice for anyone who wants the benefits of a high-end TV; but does not want to invest in the additional cost that goes with it.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

The biggest difference between the two televisions is the viewing angle. The CXO has a wider screen compared to the CX O OLED. Also; it offers more native features such as Dolby Digital surround sound; panoramic video recording; and quick time management. Plus; the CXO supports Netflix streaming services; which allow customers to rent movies and view them on their TV screens without any additional costs. There are a few drawbacks to the CXO: while it doesn’t have the wide screen like the OLED; it does have a lower refresh rate; meaning it can be more susceptible to screen tearing and flicker.

Another big difference between the two is the soundbar. The LG CXO offers a Dolby Pro Logic soundbar; which can be used with many home theater systems. Meanwhile; the CXO offers better sound quality and features such as a subwoofer; a louder volume control; a larger volume range; and superior bass. The LG CX O is equipped with a remote control; but it is limited to just playing back standard definition television shows. The CX O is a good option if you want an affordable flat-screen that offers similar picture quality to the more expensive LG TVs; such as the 55-inch TV.

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