Experience a home viewing experience that rivals premium cable TV. The new Insignia F30 Fire TV is an affordable; full-featured home entert" />
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Insignia F30 Review

Experience a home viewing experience that rivals premium cable TV. The new Insignia F30 Fire TV is an affordable; full-featured home entertainment system that can take the place of any TV set. Enjoy access to your favorite live TV channels; streaming media services and on-demand movie content with this high definition TV. The sleek; intuitive interface is simple to navigate; and its integrated built-in remote lets you control full playback with voice commands. Boasting native 4K resolution; the Insignia Fire TV Edition TV offers sharp cinematic visuals; and its expansive viewing angle allows for comfortable watching no matter where in the room it is positioned. Connect to the Internet via a high speed wireless network or use an inexpensive USB flash drive to store movies or programs that you like to watch later.


Insignia F30

With an app that stands out as much as an app of your choice’s sound effects; wallpapers; games and user Interface; the Insignia F30 Fire TV gives you more from your TV viewing experience than ever before. You can bring your home screen and your TV experience together with the Insignia TV Viewer apps; which is compatible with many popular apps that work with the iOS; Google Android and Windows mobile devices running on Verizon models. You can use your iPhone; iPad or Windows laptop to view and control your programs on the big screen – simply connect to any wireless network and start watching.

View apps and content that were meant to be viewed on real televisions. The innovative text-to-speech recognition technology of Insignia smart TVs ensures that your TV will learn and recognize what you say. With this capability; you can easily control programs and content with one simple command. You no longer have to interrupt what you are watching to ask for a channel number. With this TV app; you can browse through TV channels on your own.

If you are watching a movie in your living room; with the latest high definition (HD) televisions; the Insignia F30 Fire TV will make your experience all the more rich and satisfying. With an optimized viewing experience of up to 75 inches; you can enjoy the best picture clarity out there. With a big; bright screen; you don’t have to squint to read what is on the screen. You can easily navigate through channels and programs on your big screen.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

There are many great apps on the market that you can use with your Insignia TV. There is the Insignia Smart Channel; which gives you access to popular news channels; sports subscriptions and even free apps. There are other apps that will make entertainment more convenient around the house; like the Insignia Hub; which gives you access to favorite shows and movies as well as access to the web’s most popular social networking sites. With your own personal television viewing app; you never have to be away from home when your favorite show goes on.

All of these apps can be accessed wirelessly via your iOS or Android device. Once they are installed; all you have to do is open them and they will begin working immediately. For those that might not be comfortable doing it on the road; there is even a motorized remote control for the Insignia TV that you can use with comfort. The Insignia F30 Fire TV is sure to become a popular choice with those who want to be entertained without having to leave home. So if you love movies; sports; or just chatting with friends; you can easily do all that on your big; bright screen.

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