How to Smartly Choose A Smartphone. Basically, how to choose a cellphone under two million rupiah is similar to choosing another cellphone. There is also something that distinguishes it is th" />
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How to Smartly Choose A Smartphone


How to Smartly Choose A Smartphone. Basically, how to choose a cellphone under two million rupiah is similar to choosing another cellphone. There is also something that distinguishes it is the reference or minimum standard for each of these aspects. Let’s see in full below!

Check the specifications carefully

When choosing a cellphone with a price below 2 million rupiah, make sure you check the specifications carefully. This is to avoid disappointment because the HP purchased does not match your expectations. The following are examples of some of the HP specifications that you need to pay attention to.

Adjust the size and resolution of the HP screen to your needs

The screen size of the cellphone affects its overall dimensions. This means that the bigger the screen, the bigger the dimensions of the cellphone will be. Currently, cellphones with large screens are more popular. However, you can still find a small cellphone.

If you want a cellphone that is easy to carry and operate using one hand, choose one that is small in size. Meanwhile, a cellphone with a large screen will give you satisfaction when using it. For example, you can use it to watch movies, play games, and read e-books more freely.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the resolution. The larger the resolution, the better the quality of the displayed image. For the record, the large HP screen does not guarantee good resolution, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to check what the HP screen resolution is before buying it. As a reference, choose a cellphone with a resolution of at least 1080 pixels or full HD for a good display.

HP with the latest Android operating system is recommended

A cellphone will not be able to function without an operating system to run the devices on it. Cellphones with prices below 2 million rupiah are definitely Android phones. Thus, the operating system used is also the Android OS.

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The recommended OS version is the latest version, namely Android 9 (Pie) and Android 10. The reason is, the latest version presents the latest features that are more sophisticated and have wider application support. There are also customized OS made by HP manufacturers, for example MIUI on Xiaomi, ColorOS on OPPO, and Touchwiz on Samsung.

Choose a cellphone with a capable chipset or processor

The chipset or processor is a piece of hardware that acts as the brain that controls the capabilities of a cellphone. This hardware functions to regulate various processes, such as data processing, graphics, cameras (ISP), and others. The chipsets commonly used in HP at affordable prices are MediaTek, Intel, and Qualcomm (Snapdragon).

If you want a smartphone with good performance, choose one that uses the latest version of the chipset. For example, choose a cellphone that uses a Snapdragon chipset version 400 and above. In addition, also choose a chipset that has a high clock speed, at least 1 GHz. The higher the clock speed, the better the data processing speed or commands given.

It is no less important, you also need to check the number of cores of the HP processor. The more cores or cores, the cellphone will be more multifunctional. Then, HP will also avoid annoying lag when you do several jobs at once. Therefore, it would be better if you choose a cellphone that has many cores, for example, eight cores (octa-core).

Find out the quality of the main camera, front camera and video recorder

In today’s modern era, especially among the younger generation, we tend to share everything on social media. For example, we will upload photos of food, pets, and share video footage of the event that is being attended. To support this, a cellphone equipped with a good quality camera is needed.

For photography enthusiasts, choose a cellphone with a good main camera. Now available an entry level class cellphone equipped with two or more cameras. Next, choose a cellphone with a high megapixel front camera and various features. That way, you will get selfies with stunning quality.

For videography lovers, also check the quality of the video recorder supported by HP that you are going to buy. Several things determine the quality of the recorded video, namely the resolution and the speed at which it is captured. On middle to lower cellphones, a video resolution of around 1080p with a speed of 30 fps is quite capable. (How to Smartly Choose A Smartphone)

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