Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical) Unique Features. When choosing a mechanical keyboard, also pay attention to the " />
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Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical) Unique Features

Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical) Unique Features. When choosing a mechanical keyboard, also pay attention to the features that each product has. Features that must be considered include anti-ghost, rollover, macros, and so on. Here is the full review.

Anti-ghosting feature: Suitable for fast typing with minimal errors

Anti-ghosting is a feature that functions to prevent input errors from occurring when you press several keys simultaneously. For those of you who often type fast, you must make sure the keyboard you choose has this feature. This feature is also commonly sought after by gamers.

When you type too fast, the keys you press sometimes do not produce the desired input. This will reduce your work efficiency and will be detrimental when you play games. The anti-ghosting feature will help you prevent that.

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Rollover feature: If you need to press several buttons at the same time

The rollover feature is recommended for games where you need to press several buttons at the same time. The rollover feature will recognize and accept input well even if you press many buttons at the same time.

There are two types of rollover features on mechanical keyboards. The first type is 10-key rollover which has a limit on the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously. The second type is n-key rollover which has no restrictions. If you want to play more comfortably, we recommend you to choose the n-key rollover type.

Macro feature: To work more efficiently

The macro feature is recommended for those of you who want to increase work efficiency and comfort while gaming. This feature can register the most frequently used keyboard and mouse activities. If you use this feature, with just one button press, your work will be completed faster. So, don’t forget to check whether this feature is available or not!

  • Choose a keyboard with familiar keypresses. The keystroke is how deep the button goes when pressed.
  • Choose a mechanical keyboard with the same pressure as the keyboard you often use. That way, you will quickly get used to using a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards usually have a pressure of about 2 to 4 mm. The deeper pressure will make the sensation of typing more pronounced. Meanwhile, a shorter pressure will make input easier. If you are confused about choosing a suitable button pressure, choose one that has a pressure of about 3 mm.

  • Look for a mechanical keyboard with a cable as the connector. If you don’t want any delay when you press a button, you can choose a keyboard with a cable connector. The input will arrive quickly on your monitor screen.
  • However, if you want to operate your keyboard remotely from the monitor, you can choose a wireless connection. To determine the connection you need, imagine the situation and place where you use a mechanical keyboard. Also consider what device you will connect to the mechanical keyboard of your choice. (Gaming Keyboard (Mechanical) Unique Features)

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