Galaxy Tab S7+ review: the best Android tablets 2020. Android tablet device, behind this there are not so many variants. And " />
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Galaxy Tab S7+ review: the best Android tablets 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab s7

Galaxy Tab S7+ review: the best Android tablets 2020. Android tablet device, behind this there are not so many variants. And if you mention the flagship Android tablet, again only the Galaxy Tab S series from Samsung appear. Samsung has just released the Galaxy Tab S7 series, including the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 +.

These two devices are certainly the successors of the previous generation, namely the Galaxy Tab S6 series. But this time on the Galaxy S7 Series; Samsung has brought more specs improvements, even with two different variants of this screen size. And this time we have the arrival of one of the variants, namely the Galaxy Tab S7 + for review.

Samsung is increasingly directing their Galaxy Tab S series as a productivity and multimedia tool that can not only be used for work and play, but even makes this device the “best” work and play tool for both users. This can be seen from the design, specifications to the myriad of new features offer

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Galaxy Tab S7 Design

In plain view, the design of the Galaxy Tab S7 series has actually not changed much when compared to the previous series, namely the Galaxy Tab S6, it’s just that the size is bigger. This device returns to the body with an aluminum frame, with a metal back panel and a protective glass coated front panel.

To be precise, for the Galaxy Tab S7 + which we reviewed, it has dimensions of 285 x 185 x 5.7mm. While the weight is 575 grams. Of course this is lighter than a laptop of its size. Oh, yes, the Galaxy Tab S7 + has a screen size of 12.4 inches, while the standard Galaxy Tab S7 has a size of 10.5 inches.

Both the front and back sections have a flat surface, on the back there is a magnetic strip that functions to charge the S Pen. Unlike the Galaxy Tab S6 series which has curves, the Tab S7 series the S Pen is flat but still provides a strong magnetic adhesive to the S Pen.

On the top side, there is a magnet that the user can also place the S Pen on. It just doesn’t have a charging function. On that side there is also a Sim Card Tray and the power button and volume button. For the SIM card tray, this device only provides one SIMCard slot but with microSD support.

On the right side there is a USB Type C port. Through this USB Type C port, users can connect the Tab device to other peripherals using the USB Hub. On the right and left of the Galaxy Tab, there are four speakers with typical AKG tuning. Then on the bottom side, of course, there is also a pogo pin for the keyboard connector. The front panel is protect with a Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass. This tablet screen is also support by a fingerprint sensor under the screen. On the top bezel, there is a selfie camera.

Other Galaxy Tab S7 features

Three color choices of the Galaxy Tab S7 + include Mystic black, Mystic silver, Mystic Bronze. In the sales package, the Galaxy Tab S7 + is equipped with a Tablet Unit, S Pen, 15W Charger, USB Type C Cable and earphones.

Users can also multitask up to 3 windows simultaneously. Of course this will also further increase user productivity. There is also a Samsung DeX feature that can display the tablet in PC mode, either directly on the tablet screen or when connected to a monitor / TV screen.

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