Deeper knowledge about LCD Monitor. Choose a minimum resolution of Full HD. If you are confused about the resoluti" />
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Deeper knowledge about LCD Monitor

Knowledge about LCD Monitor

Deeper knowledge about LCD Monitor. Choose a minimum resolution of Full HD. If you are confused about the resolution of your monitor, be sure to select Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. This resolution can be used for any purpose such as working on a PC, watching movies and playing games. WQHD (2560 x 1440) and 4K (3840 x 2160) are higher resolutions. This resolution increases the amount of information on the screen, and results in a smooth and smooth display.

If you’re using a high-end 4K Blu-ray recorder, PS4 Pro, or PC, choose a high-resolution monitor. This is so that the image quality displayed on the screen can be enjoyed optimally. However, keep in mind that as the resolution increases and the screen widens, the display will become smaller. Also, a higher PC specification is required for a higher pixel count than Full HD.

Pay attention to the liquid crystal processing method
To make it easier to understand the differences between LCD monitors, also be aware of the differences in the liquid crystal processing methods. That way, you will better understand what kind of monitor you need.

Check out the differences in the Monitor’s panel

There are four types of LCD monitors currently being sold, namely IPS, ADS, VA, and TN. The IPS and ADS panels are the best of the four. These two panels will give you wide up, down, left, and right viewing angles. These two panels are usually used in the design field because the screen looks beautiful from any angle.

Meanwhile, the VA panel has a high contrast ratio despite the narrow viewing angle. If you want to enjoy a clear image when viewing the monitor from the front, go for the VA panel. Unfortunately, monitors with VA and ADS panel types are still rare in Indonesia.

The TN panel is the monitor that has the lowest power consumption and cost, but has a fast response speed. If you are a gamer, consider using a TN panel type monitor.

LCD monitors can also be divided into gloss (glare) and matte (non-gloss) screen types. Gloss screens are characterized by displays that are dazzling, have bright colors and high contrast. Because of this, a gloss screen is suitable for viewing still images. However, this screen will not be suitable for extended use. This is because the light in the room is easily reflected and makes the eyes tired quickly.

Meanwhile, matte screens have the advantage of reducing light reflections or reflections on a person’s face when in bright places. Your eyes will not tire easily even if you look at this screen for a long time. There is also a semi-glossy type LCD monitor. So, you can choose a product like this if you are confused about the type of monitor you need. (Deeper knowledge about LCD Monitor)

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