ASUS CHROMEBOOK DETACHABLE CM3 review - another great new smartphone from Google. Like many of their other Android handsets; the new Chromebook is a solid and powerful h" />
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ASUS CHROMEBOOK DETACHABLE CM3 review – another great new smartphone from Google. Like many of their other Android handsets; the new Chromebook is a solid and powerful handset that will make your everyday tasks a lot easier. But this time; the phone isn’t like many of the others on the market. It’s an environmentally friendly smart phone that’s also designed to be super slim and powerful. In this review we’ll take a look at the many features of the Detachable ChromeBook CM3 and see whether they’re worth buying.



ASUS CHROMEBOOK CM3 – A little unique for a smartphone The first thing you’ll notice about this phone’s design is that it has a “detachable” keyboard. This is actually an extra piece that’s built into the phone; meaning that you can easily remove it and take it with you wherever you go. If you’re someone who hates having to carry around a phone; then this is a great feature for you. Just be warned that the extra weight may make the phone feel more like a brick.

The touch screen is on a raised panel; giving you a nice big view of the screen. Unlike many phones you’ve probably held in the past; the screen is touch sensitive; which makes using the fingerprint facility that much easier. The sensitivity means that you’ll never accidentally hit the wrong button or trackpad; which means that no matter how fast you’re typing; you’ll never miss any text messages or emails – at least not from your own account. You also have the option to go with a larger keyboard; which gives you a bigger viewing area and more comfort when typing. It’s a great little extra feature that will really come in useful.

One of the best things about this phone is the ability to charge it up to 4 times faster than the normal rechargeable laptop. While you are typing; you can quickly plug in the USB cable and quickly get connected to a charger. Just be careful not to leave it plugged in for too long though; as you do not want to burn through the battery. There isn’t a whole lot of room to write on the screen; but there is enough space for you to get a decent sized screen. That being said; if you want to write longer documents; you may find that the keys on the ASUS CHromeWork Detachable aren’t all that comfortable to type on.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

One thing that people often don’t realize is that the keyboard on this product is actually smaller than you would expect. Most people will grip the keyboard with their palm; which helps to make it more comfortable to use. However; if you’re going to be typing on the touch screen; you will discover that the keys are quite small; which is a problem. You will also find that most of the programs that you use will only work with the large key pads; which are usually on the left side of the keyboard. Because of this; many people will use their wrist to make the necessary movements needed to complete the typing process.

The touch screen is also another negative aspect of the Chromebook. When you want to view something on the screen; you either have to touch in Photoshop or in Google Chrome. While these are two extremely popular programs; you will discover that these apps really don’t feel right unless you use them on a touch screen. In addition to this; there are so many apps available for this laptop that you really should have a lot of room to complete your tasks. This is why you need to take a look at the ASUS CHRomework CM3 review to find out whether or not this laptop is worth your money.

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