The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a new wireless computer mouse manufactured and released by Apple Inc. It comes with a multi-touch smooth acrylic surface for scroll and zooming. The mouse" />
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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a new wireless computer mouse manufactured and released by Apple Inc. It comes with a multi-touch smooth acrylic surface for scroll and zooming. The mouse automatically detects the difference in pressure between your fingers and the surface of the mouse. So; for example; if you are using your finger to scroll up and down the screen; and your finger is rubbed a certain way; your finger will register as having moved up and down. If you have the Magic Mouse 2 beside you while you are working on your computer; then you can just leave the mouse here as it will recognize your motion and will just move smoothly over the screen.


Apple Magic Mouse 2

Like the first mouse; the second also comes with a USB charging cable that allows you to charge the device. Just like the first mouse; you can also use the USB charging cable to charge other items such as mobile phones; MP3 players and even digital cameras. The good thing about this kind of mouse is that it offers different configurations that will fit the needs of your work and personal computer. For example; the Magic Mouse 2 has a high sensitivity mode that provides high levels of sensitivity and allows you to scroll and zoom easily. This mode works well for those who often use the computer at high speeds.

The second version of the mouse comes with a foot design that is smaller than its older brother. The smaller foot design gives more space to your finger; which enables you to make finer movements with the mouse. The mouse 2 has four standard action buttons which can be customized as per your needs. You can use these buttons to activate or deactivate certain features of the mouse including the Bluetooth capability.

The rechargeable battery of this mouse is capable of providing hours of battery life. It has a rechargeable battery which can be inserted into the USB port of your computer. This can be charged within thirty minutes to one hour. The Apple Magic Mouse 2 also includes a foot designed trackpad with larger buttons and larger textured surface that can be used to scroll and highlight on your desk.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

In terms of technology; the new Apple Magic Mouse 2 includes a force-touch feature which is similar to the Force Click function in laptops. With the force touch feature; you can now control your computer keyboard with your hands. If you need to move the cursor around the screen; you can press a button on the force touch trackpad which allows you to do so. This makes it possible for you to perform new gestures without physically moving the mouse.

One of the best selling products of the company is its mouse with Bluetooth. This product allows you to connect to your laptop using its Bluetooth technology. The mouse comes with an adapter which can be used to connect to most computers without using a USB cable. The adapter also has its own rechargeable battery; which will last you for up to five hours of continuous use. The rechargeable battery can be fully charged in as little as twenty minutes. In addition; the mouse with Bluetooth comes with an easy-to-follow instructions and a screen that show the amount of time you have left on your battery charge.

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