AOC 24G2 Gaming monitor review. Is 24G2 gaming monitor right for PC gamer? This is the answer to this question. Reviewed by Amazon customer revi" />
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AOC 24G2 Review

AOC 24G2 Specs

AOC 24G2 Gaming monitor review. Is 24G2 gaming monitor right for PC gamer? This is the answer to this question.

AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor
AOC 24G2

Reviewed by Amazon customer reviews, screen resolution and features details, reviewed and rated on a variety of consumer and computer review sites.

An AOC gaming monitor, also called an active-matrix technology monitor, combines advanced technologies with a high level of gaming. Its features include a large screen, an excellent response time, and features such as a frameless design, variable refresh rate and high resolution.

The reason why these features are important in a monitor, you may ask. A monitor is an interface between your computer and the monitor, so the monitor should provide you with a good experience while playing any games.

A lot of people prefer gaming monitors that provide their games with higher resolution and better graphics and picture quality. They do not want to be frustrated when playing because of low resolution graphics and pictures. They want to see clearly everything that is going on, from enemy attacks to friendly character firing and movement. This is what the gaming monitor is all about.

AOC 24G Series Features

Another great feature of the AOC gaming monitor is its gaming mode. It gives the gamer an almost real-world experience while playing. You won’t have to deal with slow response times while you play your favorite game anymore, since the AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor will provide you with the kind of quality graphics that you expect while playing.

Another feature of the AOC Gaming Monitor is its WLED backlight feature. The backlighting allows gamers to get better light than they would with the normal monitor, which helps them to see the dark areas of the map that need more attention while they are playing. You can also increase or decrease the brightness by adjusting the buttons on the side panel of the AOC Gaming Monitor.

For gamers who are looking for something a little different, then the AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor might be the one to try. This unit offers all of the great features that you can expect while gaming, along with a great looking unit that makes it easier to play the game with better clarity.

AOC 24G2 Specs

The AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor has 23.8” Screen size with 1920×1080 resolution, using IPS Panel Panda LC238LF1F FFS (Fringe-Field Switching) with 144 Hz Refresh Rate. 8-bit colors which supports 16.7 M, 126% SRGB Color Gamut with 250 cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio. Moving Picture Response Time / MPRT 1ms and 178* viewing angle. This AOC 24G2 also has ergonomic stand features rotate vertical / horizontal, height adjustment, tilt and swivel 30 degree to the right or left which is very important and useful.



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