The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Antec P82 Silent is the new range of Antec cases from the renowned company. Antec P82 is a small form factor case that draws it power from a single 12 pin connector; and includes two a" />
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Antec P82 Silent Review

The Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Antec P82 Silent is the new range of Antec cases from the renowned company. Antec P82 is a small form factor case that draws it power from a single 12 pin connector; and includes two aluminum full-range fans with variable speeds and fan blade covers. It is a small case; measuring only 3.5 inches deep and five inches wide; which should allow for the maximum compatibility with other computer components. The backlit keyboard completes the compact look; while providing the benefits of an anti-glare screen protector.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

The Antec P82 Silent although not particularly silent; this isn’t really my main point of review. My focus was to compare its performance against the other leading alternatives. In this regard; I found that the Antec P82 Silent Review performed poorly; despite containing all the right features; including two fans; a decent sized window for cooling; a decent amount of space for computer cables and a solid metal frame. On the plus side though; the fans were only capable of cooling the computer’s bottom; meaning that you had to put the tower onto a chair or table in order to benefit from adequate air flow. Despite this; the fans were still able to increase the temperature of the desktop; so it was little surprise that I gave the Antec P82 Silent Review a mediocre score.

With that done; I set about looking at what else the P82 had to offer. Despite lacking a full tower; the P82 still featured a full sized front panel. However; on the plus side; the oversized front panel included an excellent dust cover; which is removable and useful. The backlit control pad used a nice visual cue to highlight the function keys; and also has a very audible beep; which can be very useful if you happen to get trapped whilst working with the control pad. It also incorporated an external USB port; which could allow you to charge your phone as well as use the internal speaker. However; on the negative side; the lack of a rear bezel meant that the P82 was not as mobile as I would have wanted.

Antec P 82 review parts can be found online in a number of places. However; the most reliable place to purchase them is from an authorized manufacturer such as Antec. This will ensure that you are buying from a company with a good reputation for manufacturing quality computer cases and other accessories. If you wish to replace the front panel; which is removable; then you should purchase a replacement from the manufacturer. There are also a number of quality aftermarket accessories available; which could further extend the life of your P82.


Antec P82 Silent

More depth on the 2021 PC Trends. To finish up this Antec P82 Silent Review; I thought it would be best to look at what other computer components the P82 can support. In total; it supports five USB ports; two optical drives and one Firewire port. The downside to this is that it does not feature a rear USB ports; meaning that external devices may need a USB converter if they require USB ports. However; this can be overcome by purchasing an USB hub. Other than that; the P82 can support any standard ATA hard drives or even high capacity flash drives; giving it a little more versatility than other windows based computer cases.

Antec has a long history in the computer hardware industry. It first started manufacturing computer cases in the early 1980s; before many of today’s computer manufacturers were born. The company has also worked on some unique ideas; such as creating the first water cooled case. Although it didn’t succeed in the gaming industry; their efforts did make them one of the first manufacturers to use a front panel with three external ports. To finish up this Antec P82 review; I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what else Antec has to offer. Although the P82 is built around a standard case; it also has an interesting feature set including a full range of fans; a front panel with three ports; and even built in 120 mm fans.

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